Monday, June 26, 2006

27 Duong 5 - Private View 18 Feb 2006

27 Duong 5

recent work by vikki hill

sound by simon wring

The work shown in this exhibition is a celebration of people and places; countries and cultures. The ink drawings on the ground floor refer to cities that are, or have been, important to me in various ways. They are stories of journeys taken.

City Series, 2006
Ink, mixed media collage

London, 2006

Kabul, 2006

Singapore, 2006

The Tokyo painting was originally part of a tryp tich based on women from different parts of Asia – Japan, Indonesia and Afghanistan. The painting is an extension of my journal that I kept whilst away. Pattern and repetition are predominant features in my work. This is reflected in the Bangkok photographs that also show the surface of the streets.

The circular paintings from Singapore were documents of my trip to the island and became a journal in themselves. The 2 drawings (rubbings) document my house and my neighbourhood. The making was assisted by my young neighbours.

Duong So 5
Crayon on paper

Upstairs houses a series of 9 paintings and their felt ‘reflections’. The idea was conceptualised last year on a visit to Hoi An, where the surfaces and textures of the walls and buildings fascinated me. I made the pieces during the New Year celebrations and each refer to an aspect of Vietnamese culture - myth, legend, song. The moon reoccurs in each piece. Felt-making is labour-intensive, and the focus of these is the process, colour, pattern and repetition.

Wall Series, 2006
Series of 9 mixed media pieces

Felt Reflections, 2006

The sound is by Simon Wring. He has collected and manipulated sounds from the neighbourhood that reflect the work shown.

The Flip-flop Game, 2006
Oil and mixed media on canvas

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